FOMO- Launchpad

We are proud to announce that we officially have our tier system that will be mean that with $FOMO you will be able to get in at the earliest stages possible of some of the newest and hottest projects in the defi space.

What is a launchpad?

Crypto launchpads acts as a vetting process for new projects. Thus, they protect investors’ interest. They also lower the barrier of entry for investors as the launchpads provide token purchasing privileges to investors at a reduced price before tokens hit the market. Crypto launchpads also provide a way to raise capital for new projects, on safer platforms than ICOs. Communities are convolute and create a network effect for better community building.

Launchpads help new projects attract the community, thus making it easier for them to tread into crypto. The platforms are like advertising pools which also help garner crowd-funds. Projects listed on launchpads are vetted for the utter protection of the investors’ wealth.

Moreover, launchpad projects help reduce the barriers of entry like costs and regulatory requirements.

Fomo Launchpad tiers

Tiers will be as below which will need an element of FOMO to be staked in the new FomoLAUNCH Pools due to be released soon:

Private Sale (NFP NEEDED)

-75k Fomo staked + NFP (Non Fungible Pass)

-Guaranteed allocation

-15% of total raise


-50k Fomo staked + NFP (Non Fungible Pass; usually 50k FOMO, 1k only for this drop with the NFP!)

-Guaranteed allocation

-25% of total raise

Pre sale 2

-25k staked Fomo

-First come first served

-30% of total raise

Pre sale 3

-10k Fomo 10,000 staked

-First come first served

-30% of total raise

You can get into more than one of the tiers with one NFP (Non Fungible Pass). For example if you have 160,000 tokens you can access Private, Presale 1, Presale 2 & Presale 3.

The NFP was airdropped for anyone who staked a minimum of 1000 $FOMO staked in the 30 day Fomo pools, in the month of May.

Launch dates to be announced soon

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