How To Purchase The Fomo Lab MetaKEY NFT on

The Fomo Lab access key pass is launching on the 5th of August; the ultimate key pass that unlocks access to the Fomo Lab ecosystem.. are you ready?

Fomo Lab MetaKEY

If you haven’t already, you can read over the MetaKEY overview and mint mechanics here!

How to purchase your MetaKEY(s) NFTs on TheAvenue.Market

2) Once your wallet is connected to the site, select the “Mint ” button to initiate the purchase of your MetaKEY(s)

3) Select the amount of MetaKEY NFT(s) you would like to purchase (adhering to the max mint amounts for each phase of the mint)

Please also ensure you have enough ETH which will cover the cost of the NFT(s) and gas!

4) Proceed with the transaction confirmation of your purchase through the respective wallet you have connected

5) Once the purchase of the MetaKEY NFT(s) has been completed, you will be able to view your NFT(s) on: OpenSea

The Avenue will be deployed in the coming weeks where you will be able to view, purchase sell your MetaKEY NFTs and any other associated NFTs you hold

The MetaKEY NFT Collection Details:

Phase 1) White List Mint

Access criteria:

- Your wallet has been selected through one of Fomo Lab’s partner Premint WL giveaways

Supply: ~1,350

Price: 0.055 ETH

Duration: 4 hours

Date / Time: 5th of August / 2PM UTC

Max mint per wallet: 2 mints per wallet

Phase 2) Public Sale Mint

Access criteria:

- All are able to mint at Public Mint

Supply: The remaining amount of NFTs from Phase 1

Price: 0.055 ETH

Duration: 48 hours

Date / Time: 5th of August / 6PM UTC

Max mint: Max of 5 mints per transaction (there are no limit on the amount of MetaKEY’s you can purchase)

Phase 3) FREE mint claim for those that minted (from the contract) and held their Mr Bean NFT(s)

Access criteria:

Minters (from the contract) and holders of their Mr Bean NFT(s)

Price: Free

Duration: 24 hours

Date / Time: 7th of August / 6PM UTC

Max mint per wallet: 1 mint per wallet

Watch out for scam links! Only use the official mint site to mint your NFT and view on OpenSea

For more information and to join the live AMA’s, voice chats, giveaways and much more, join the Fomo Lab Discord!

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Fomo Lab Website


The Avenue



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