Mr Bean Genesis NFT Collection: Mint Overview

Mr Bean NFT collection — brought to market by Fomo Lab.

Fomo Lab has partnered with one of the most iconic and nostalgic brands worldwide to bring NFTs to the masses — Mr Bean!

Mr Bean’s first foray into Web3 and the metaverse is a generative collection of 3,333 NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain. These NFTs will give you access to exclusive benefits, rewards and much much more.

The Mr Bean NFT collection will be the first of its kind, commemorating the cultural phenomenon that is Mr Bean, allowing holders to own a piece of history created with one of the most recognisable personas.

Mr Bean NFT Mint Overview:

The Mr Bean NFT collection will include a total supply of 3,333 NFTs; the mint will be staged in 3 mint stages which includes the Beanlist (Whitelist), Waitlist and the Public launch.

Mr Bean NFT Collection

Beanlist Mint Details:

Price Of The NFT: 0.1 ETH

Max Mint Per Wallet: 2

Date: Wednesday 25th May 7pm UTC

Beanlist Supply: 1,500 total spots (3,000 Mintable NFTs)

Mint Location:

You can win Beanlist by registering via our permit raffle here:

The raffle closes Sunday 22nd May at 7PM UTC and the winners will be announced on the 23rd 7pm UTC.

You can also win a Beanlist spot by being an active, engaged member of our community. Fomo Lab are running various competitions in our Discord and Twitter so get involved for a chance to win Beanlist.

Waitlist Mint Details:

For those that don’t win a Beanlist spot but have entered into the Premint raffle you will be added to the waitlist to mint in the second stage. The waitlist will be conducted via a first come first serve basis and will take place after the Beanlist mint is over.

Price Of The NFT 0.12 ETH

Max Mint Per Wallet: 2 (FCFS)

Date: Thursday 26th May 7AM UTC

Mint Location:

Public Mint Details:

The remaining supply of NFTs from the Beanlist and Waitlist that have not been minted will be available for the public to mint.

Price Of The NFT 0.12 ETH

Max Mint Per Wallet: 10 (FCFS)

Date: Thursday 26th May 7PM UTC

Mint Location:

The public mint will be available for all to participate in; however, the Fomo Lab team would recommend getting onto the Beanlist or on the Wailist list to increase your chances of minting the Mr Bean NFT

Mr Bean NFT collection

Reveal Outline:

The reveal of the Mr Bean NFTs will commence on the Saturday 28th at 4PM UTC — The Fomo Lab team will be hosting a reveal party on the Fomo Lab Discord channel!


Q: Where can I buy the Mr Bean NFT collection?

A: After you mint your Mr Bean NFT you can sell on or secondary markets like Opensea, LooksRare etc.

Q: Is the Mr Bean collection going to be verified on Opensea?

A: Yes, the team is woking on this, more updates will be released soon

Q: What kind of utility have the NFT’s of the collection?

A: By owning a digital Bean you will have access to an exclusive community chat with Bean superfans, access to the FomoVERSE, physical and digital rewards, collectable items, Metaverse wearables and much much more!

Q: Will my Mr Bean NFT have utility in the FomoVerse?

A: Yes, this NFT has different utilities within the FomoVERSE!

Q: Are gas prices going to be high?

A: Our team has worked diligently on improving and optimising the smart contract to avoid high gas fees!

Q: If I win a Beanlist spot, when can I mint ?

A: On 25th May at 7pm UTC until 26th May 7am UTC. Beanlist is a premium spot that allows you to mint within the first 12h after private mint is opened.

Q: If i’m Whitelisted, is it guaranteed that I can mint?

A: If you are Whitelisted (Beanlist) you will be elegible to mint between 7PM and 7AM. If you miss your chance you can grab one on secondary or during the Waitlist sale!

Q: Wen reveal?

A: The reveal for the collection is going to be on May 28th at 4PM UTC.



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