The MetaKEY — The Pass To Unlock The Fomo Lab Ecosystem

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3 min readJun 24, 2022

Are you ready for the MetaKEY?

The MetaKEY

The ultimate key pass that unlocks the access to the Fomo Lab ecosystem — being a holder of the MetaKEY will provide exclusive access to:

  • Fomo Lab partner NFT WLs
  • Participation voting right access to the FomoDAO
  • The FomoVERSE and GamiFi platforms such as the Battle Chain
  • Periodic exclusive airdrops
  • MetaGALLERY VIP experience

Amongst many more features in the Fomo Lab product ecosystem!

Details of the MetaKEY

The MetaKEY mint mechanics:

Supply: up to 3,000 MetaKEYs — if the final minted supply does not reach 3,000, the remaining supply of unminted MetaKEYs will be burnt on the 8th of August (5PM UTC)

Phases of the mint:

Phase 1) Users that have been provided WL access:

Supply: ~1,300

Price: 0.055 ETH

Duration: 4 hours

Date / Time: 5th of August / 2PM UTC

Max mint per wallet: 2 mints per wallet

Phase 2) Public sale

Supply: The remaining amount of NFTs from Phase 1

Price: 0.055 ETH

Duration: 48 hours

Date / Time: 5th of August / 6PM UTC

Max mint: Max of 5 mints per transaction

Phase 3) FREE mint claim for those that minted (from the contract) and held their Mr Bean NFT(s)

Price: Free

Duration: 24 hours

Date / Time: 7th of August / 6PM UTC

Max mint per wallet: 1 mint per wallet

The reveal date of the MetaKEY NFTs will be on the 8th of August / 6PM UTC

The MetaKEY

The MetaKEY launch date will commence on the 5th of August at 2pm UTC.

Where can I find more information about the MetaKEY?
Follow our Twitter and make sure to join our Discord for more up-to-date info!

Who are Fomo Lab?

Fomo Lab has acclaimed the titles of Intellectual Property Specialist, Leaders in Web3, Metaverse Architects, Bespoke Art Creation Studios and future technologies Management and consultant company.

Fomo Lab has partnered with over 30+ blockchain and traditional companies ensuring the project is bringing NFTs to the masses. Fomo Lab’s partner portfolio includes Banijay, Tyson Fury, Goldstar Promotions, Mark Cavendish, Pvlace 808 Mafia, Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship, Roland Berger, MEFCC (Middle East and Film Comic-Con) alongside Crypto/DeFi/NFT/Metaverse centric partners such as Arts DAO, Dubai Peeps, Velas Chain and many others.

Fomo Lab has been created by a team of NFT maximalists who are revolutionising the Web3, DeFi, Crypto, NFT and Metaverse space by bringing NFT applications to the masses.

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